Costs and Details

Special!  Try before you buy!  Come to Week One of either our May/June session (May 25) or our July session (July 6) and try it yourself.  If you like it, pay a discounted price and stay for the rest of the session.  Call ((916)467-9270) or email ( us to find out more.

The 4-week Quickstart program runs on Thursday nights 7:00pm – 8:00pm (or sometimes 8:00-9:00) at the Veterans’ Memorial Hall in Roseville and costs $60 per couple or $30 per single. But we often run last-minute specials for specific sessions when class space allows. So, call or email us to find out if there’s a special running.

Please note that the classes are cumulative, so we can’t really accommodate drop-ins. Please check this page or contact us for start dates of each session.

Upcoming sessions:
Mar 23 – Apr 13, 2023: Fun and lively style dancing for fast-paced, exciting music.  Learn a sequence of steps in “butterfly” position that works well with a variety of lively, upbeat musical styles.  But don’t worry, it’s not a workout class!

Apr 27 – May 18, 2023: We will continue with the fun and lively theme from the previous session, but with a new collection of steps. We’ll start from scratch – you do not need to have taken the previous session to participate. Those who took the previous session will get to add to their repertoire.

May 25 – June 15 2023: “Swiss Army Knife” style dancing suitable for a wide variety of music styles and tempos.  If you’re only ever going to learn one sequence, this is the one.  From ballads to salsa, this sequence can do it all.

July 6 – July 27 2023: Swing! Specifically, East Coast Swing (also known as Jive). This is another fun and lively style for fast-paced music. You can see an example of some friends of ours dancing a sequence similar to what we will be teaching here.

We also offer Continuation Classes, which go into a particular rhythm in more detail, when there is sufficient interest. These build on what was taught in the Quickstart class and generally last 10-15 weeks. Cost is $15/couple or $8/single per class.

For more details, please contact us at or call us at (916)467-9270. We love to talk about dance!