QuickStart Program


What will you get from our 4-week course?

  • An easily memorized sequence of 6-8 closely-related steps that you can use in any social dance situation – wedding, cruise, etc.
  • A low-commitment (it’s only 4 weeks!) exposure to ballroom-style dancing.  See if it’s for you – without upsells or pressure.
  • Improved rhythm skills. People often feel uncomfortable on a dance floor because they struggle to stay in time with the music. Rhythm is a learned skill, not a God-given talent (ever seen a toddler dance?), and we’ll use a combination of novel techniques and plenty of practice to help you develop these skills.

How can we teach you to dance in just 4 weeks?  What makes our program special? 

  • The sequence has been carefully chosen to minimize the number of step patterns while maximizing dancer enjoyment and visual impact.
  • The sequence uses a consistent beat pattern.  Every step follows this same pattern.  No exceptions.  This is essential in developing your rhythm skills.
  • We’ll help you find the beat using our special Beat Assist technology (background percussion synced to the music) to further develop your rhythm skills.
  • We’ll guide you every step of the way.  Each step is announced as it comes up, so you don’t have to remember what comes next.  You just focus on the beat and the feet.
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition.  It’s all about muscle memory.  And, since the steps are so closely related, the muscle memory you build for one step helps with the next!  But…
  • We use a wide selection of music in a variety of music styles to keep you entertained through all that repetition.  Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, R&B – something for everyone!
  • Incremental Improvement.  We won’t throw a bunch of complicated stuff at you at the beginning.  Learn the basics, then refine it.  Repeat until you’re happy with the result.  We call it “KISS” – Keep It Simple to Start
  • Relaxed Atmosphere.  We don’t own a studio.  We don’t teach private lessons.  We don’t sell long-term contracts.  We’re just enthusiastic about dancing and eager to show people that anyone can learn how to dance.
  • Couples dance together.  We’ll never ask you to swap partners.  Learn with the person you plan to dance with!
  • Videos to help you retain what you’ve learned – both a review of the steps taught and cued (guided) music if you want to practice.

Read our “Five keys to success” here

We welcome anyone who would like to learn how to dance, but we’d like to extend a special welcome to those who have tried elsewhere and had a less-than-positive experience. We wish to assure you that you’ll have a much better experience with us.

You can do this!

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